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Working on Anger

This 5-week course is aimed at people who would like to learn more about the triggers to anger and ways to manage their angry feelings. The course is taught by two health professionals and is similar to an evening class. You will not be expected to talk about yourself in front of others. The course is not a therapy group, it is about providing you with the information you need to help manage anger better. We offer techniques and strategies that have been proven by research to help manage anger more effectively. You will be given handouts to take away and questionnaires to fill in at each class.

What to expect

Find out more information about our service and what you can expect from the process here.

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What we offer

There are a large range of therapies available to help you within our service. You can read more about the techniques we use here.

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We have a range of courses available as part of our service. Click the link below to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

It is common to have many questions about our service, we have answered many of the common questions here.

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