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What are the courses?

We have developed a programme of courses that run throughout the year. Most of our courses are run like evening classes (unless otherwise mentioned below). The seats will be set out in rows and there will be two course facilitators who will present information, tools, and techniques, and may open up discussions within the group.

The courses are very informal and we aim to create a calm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. They usually run for 1.5 – 2 hours with a short break in the middle. You will not have to talk about yourself and you can just sit and listen if you like.

You may bring a friend or family member to some of our courses, please check when you are registered onto the course.

Who supports me?

Our courses are usually facilitated by two of our clinicians, sometimes supported by trainee clincians.

What are the benefits?

Although you do not have to speak when you come to a course, most people who do attend our courses tell us that it feels very helpful to be around other people who are experiencing similar difficulties. It tends to make people feel supported, validated, and less isolated.

Our courses can be a very convenient way of learning all about a particular mental health problem and how best to manage it. They are designed to be a well-rounded and complete way to access support quickly.

Most of our courses contain two key components:

  1. They help you to understand more about what a particular mental health problem is, what keeps it going and why it can be so hard to make better.
  2. There is a big focus on discussing really useful, practical ideas for improving the mental health problem, whether it be depression, anxiety, insomnia, or another issue.

How do I access this?

You can refer yourself to our courses by filling in our online referral form or by calling us on 0191 282 6600. You will first receive a brief telephone assessment to establish what difficulties you are experiencing and to agree on the most suitable help for you. If you are interested in attending one of our courses please let us know during your initial assessment.

See the range of courses we offer here.

What to expect

Find out more information about our service and what you can expect from the process here.

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What we offer

There are a large range of therapies available to help you within our service. You can read more about the techniques we use here.

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We have a range of courses available as part of our service. Click the link below to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

It is common to have many questions about our service, we have answered many of the common questions here.

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