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Anxiety is a normal feeling that we all experience. It is an instinctive response to feeling threatened. When we become anxious, there are changes in our body, thoughts, and feelings.

If you experience anxiety you may feel:

  • anxious
  • worried
  • tense
  • stressed
  • nervous
  • panicky
  • on edge
  • restless

You may also experience thoughts like:

  • ‘I can’t cope’
  • ‘I’m losing control’
  • ‘What if…’
  • ‘The worst is going to happen’

And you might notice:

  • you are unable to sit and relax
  • snappy/irritable behaviour
  • you are avoiding certain situations/people
  • you are constantly worrying
  • you are unable to concentrate
  • your heart pounding in your chest
  • a stomach-churning sensation
  • you are sweating excessively

If you would like support to manage your anxiety please click here.

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