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We all have some stress in our lives and some days are worse than others. This may be due to what we have to face: problems at work, money problems, ill-health, problems in the family, and so on. We all worry and we all feel down from time to time. Think of blood pressure – we all have it but if it is too high, you have to do something about it. It is the same with stress.

Stress in itself is not a problem (some people thrive on it). It depends on how much stress you get. A small amount of stress can be good for you, it is a natural bodily response. Stress should cause us concern when it does not die down and when it affects us at times when we know it should not. Such times could include sitting watching TV, talking to a colleague, or walking down to the shops.

You may feel that your mind is taken over by stress. You might find it coming and going for no reason. You might feel you are losing control of your life. You might feel you are cracking up. You might feel you can’t cope with things that others seem to cope with.

It is not the same as a ‘fit of the blues’ or ‘having a bad day’. A good ‘kick up the backside’ will not shift stress; it is a lot more complex than that. Sometimes when we are stressed it can feel like we are in a cycle of feelings, making it difficult for us to know how to deal with it. However, we can break this stress cycle up into four different parts:

  • What you feel
  • What you think
  • What you do
  • How your body reacts

Breaking stress up into smaller parts will make it more manageable. You can find out further information on what stress is and how to describe it in our stress control booklet.

If stress is a problem for you and you are registered with a Newcastle GP, then you can come along to our stress control class and listen to a clinical psychologist give detailed facts and advice on stress. Click here to refer yourself.

For more information about stress, please click here.

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